My Story

Hey there! I am Amber. I study communication at the University of Southern California. I currently live in Los Angeles.

I started this blog to document the first thirty years of my life. I grew up on a Chinese air force base which was kind of cut off from the outside world. I cherish those years living there as a kid very much. It makes me feel that I am a little special. I want to write it down, so I will not forget. I guess you might be interested in that as well?

I also write for an online publication while I study at USC. I benefited a lot from the conversation with the leaders in the industry, and I would like to share it with you. I am in the hope that you can find something in their words just like me. Their words will become just a little more powerful when there is one more of you read them.

There are also pieces of work I cannot really categorize. I mainly write them for a writing workshop and they are my thoughts for everything going on in my life. If any of them resonates with you, please tell me by leaving the comments.

Welcome to my world.