Some updates

Sunset in Beijing

It has been two months since my last blog. I made up my mind to write something since the first day I came back, but I am not sure what I am supposed to put in there. My life has been crazy since last December. Everything just happened so fast.

About the election

I was there when Donald Trump was elected as the president of the United States. I was shocked, not only by the results but also by the reaction. As an international student in America, the whole election was new to me. I was there, observing the chaos, sorrow, anger, and denial. If I am completely frank with you, I was very scared to be asked,”So, what do you think of the election?” I am scared because I actually have no answer for that. I don’t care who becomes the president of the U.S., but I care about my friends. I feel very bad when they are sad. I was also astonished when they go on the street and fight for their rights. I am proud of them, truly, because they are fighting against the authority and they are not afraid of that.

About my new job

I got a full-time job in Ogilvy&Mather Beijing. I am in a fellowship program. My little wish for this program is that I keep my passion for this industry all the time. I know when colleagues complain about working overtime, I am supposed to join in, or at least keep silence. Well, I am excellent at keeping silence, but I would like to say something here. I really hate it when people complaining about their jobs. If you hate it, just change that. I am probably too cynical here, but that’s what I believe right now. My wish for this coming Chinese new year is that I can keep on working hard, for myself.


About my life in Beijing

Overall, I am doing just fine. My mom is here to take care of me. I am grateful for her efforts, but meanwhile, I am hoping to live by myself soon. The more she is doing for me, the more guilty I feel inside as I am secretly hoping her to leave. She is not happy about living here as well because this city is far away from our home and she misses her friends a lot. It’s so bizarre that either of us would like to live this way, but we do that anyway because we both think that this is what we are “supposed to do.” I hate these social rules. Why we cannot just be honest with each other?

I don’t know how many people will see this post. It doesn’t matter. This is the conversation I have to myself.

3 thoughts on “Some updates

      1. 被区块链以及LinuxONE的开源技术困扰的我,脑子基本上也是一团浆糊。但是你查你自己网页的频率也是很勤啊。


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