Language is the Power

[Part 1]

The only difference

human beings remaining from animals

is language.

My linguistic professor started her first class with this statement.


I wonder

When Kamala and Amala were just rescued

Are they human beings? Are they animals?


They were taught English

When they were civilized

Kamala can express herself in a wonderful way,

Joseph wrote.


They died.

People say that wolves cannot be tamed

Is that why they could not make it through?


[Part 2]

Colonization does not always come with gunfire, violence, and blood

It could be subtle, mild, but thorough

When children sit in the classroom,

Repeating the hiragana after their Japanese teacher

Somehow I know

the fight of Seedics[1] is futile


Mona[2] says,

If your civilization wants us to cringe

I will show you the pride of savages.

He doesn’t know,

The power of language

And their doomed destiny


[Part 3]

The confliction

between civilization and wildness,

Seems always ends with the victory of the former

One way or another,

Savages lose.


[1] Seedic, one of the native primitive tribes in Taiwan from the Warriors of the Rainbow: Seedic Bale. Watch the trailer:

[2] Mona Rudao, the leader of Seedic people


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